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What should you look for in a laboratory?

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1) Expertise

Semen testing is a sophisticated and technical field. An improperly or incompletely performed semen analysis may miss significant problems. Unrecognized problems may significantly delay a man's treatment. Unlike many other lab tests, a semen analysis relies completely on the expertise of those performing it. Make sure that the lab has sophisticated protocols, and well trained and specialized technicians.

2) Timing

In order to get accurate test results the specimen must be processed within one hour of collection. If not, the measurement of the movement of the sperm may be extremely inaccurate. With any lab you use, make sure that the analysis is performed on site and not shipped elsewhere for evaluation.

3) Thoroughness

 As a semen analysis is being performed, certain findings may indicate the need for additional tests. Ideally, you should use a laboratory that has the capability to do complete initial testing as well as the flexibility to do the appropriate follow up testing on the same specimen.

4) Comfort and convenience

In order to maximize your results, it is important that you are as relaxed and comfortable as possible. Ideally, the specimen should be collected at the laboratory itself.

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