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Male Infertility is a broad condition that often includes a number of contributing factors

In contrast to many other medical areas, male factor infertility can not be attributed to one predetermined cause. Rather, there are a number of possible conditions which may contribute to the condition and they are often present in combinations. The unusual complexity of this field makes it critical that the physician have a wide experience with the condition in order to evaluate and treat appropriately.

Male infertility is a relatively new and extremely dynamic field

Medical developments, new procedures and research are rapidly contributing to the field of male infertility. Only those urologists who focus their research and medical interest extensively on male infertility (and directly related conditions) are likely to keep up with the extensive quantity of literature, studies and new techniques that continue to emerge.

Male infertility is a technically complicated and sophisticated field

Many of the procedures performed by male infertility specialists require microsurgery. These are among the most technically challenging procedures performed by urologists, the techniques used vary greatly from the techniques used in general urological surgeries. Additionally, only a specialist will have the required expertise in searching and recognizing possible epididymal blockage and performing a vasoepididyostomy if needed.

Male infertility is a field which requires unusual sensitivity and cooperation with other physicians

In order to properly treat patients, the physician must have access to sophisticated and specialized laboratory testing. The physician must be comfortable working with the women's physician in a team approach, as this is the only way to successfully address an infertility problem. The office's entire staff, (from receptionist to technicians) must be understanding and sympathetic to the sensitive nature of the patient's concerns and must be trained to treat patients appropriately throughout their treatment.


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